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Click Button to Complete Your Waiver

There is nothing to print and the waiver will take 3-4 minutes to complete

1st Visit Expectations

  • (Recommended) You have the option to get a complimentary, full body scan using FIT3D.

  • The scan takes approximately 1 minute to complete.

  • The scan is completely private - you are the only one in the  room.

  • The scan is performed in under clothing. Wear comfortable under clothes.

  • If you have neck length or longer hair, you will want to put your hair up for the scan.

  • Bring water

  • Think about going at the exercises with 50%  effort (especially if you have been idle from vigorous exercise lately).

  • We'll do between 4-6 compound movement exercises during your initial visit (working the entire body)

  • Communicate to the trainer if you have any injuries, special needs, concerns, irritations, etc.

  • Exercise clothes are preferred but we have several clients who wear casual and work attire to complete their sessions.

The Scan

The Workout

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