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WARNING LABEL: We are not doctors or medical providers. The information below is just information. It is not intended to be medical advice. Please seek your Doctor's approval before starting any exercise and nutrition program. 

Have you ever read anything, a book, an  article, a research study, anything....that said you should not eat WHOLE Nutritious Foods?       NO!

Every diet, every effective medically researched meal plan, every fad, every recommendation  involves eating nutritious 'real' whole foods.

AND, if losing weight is YOUR goal, we have to cut calories to an extent while eating nutritious food.

AND, unlike most diets, we really need for meal planning to be easily adapted into your lifestyle so that it can be sustained.


Step 1) SLEEP - Sleep is your body's automatic 'reset' and 'recovery' button. When we are asleep, our body is repairing itself from the stresses (physical, emotional, and mental) of life. You must be getting 7-9 hours of sleep every night for this to happen. In the near future, look for content on maximizing sleep, i.e., blocking blue light at night, black out curtains in your bedroom, etc. Track your sleep. I use Fitbit and the Sleep Cycle app to track my sleep every night. 

Step 2) WATER - Drinking Water Helps Maintain the Balance of Body Fluids. Your body is composed of about 60% water. The functions of these bodily fluids include digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature. If you are dehydrated, things don't move around as well. Basically, water removes the bad from your body and delivers the good stuff. You must be hydrated for your body to be running an an optimal level. Drink a minimum of 64 oz to 1 gallon of water every day. Drink towards the higher end on more active days. 

Step 3) FOOD - Eat lots of plants and animals. Add in nuts and seeds. Avoid poison (alcohol, sugar, tobacco, processed foods, etc). When possible, eat organic from a food source in your region. This is the ultimate health diet.

> If your goal is to lose weight, follow this plan but subtract about 25% - 50% of the food you would normally eat from each meal. Measure everything. TRACK YOUR FOOD FOR 30 DAYS. Use MyFitnessPal or your Fitbit app to track everything that goes into your mouth for 30 days if weight loss is your goal. No matter what you are eating, you need to keep your calorie intake between 1000 - 1800 calories per day on a consistent basis in order to see results in body fat loss. If you eat less than that for an extended period of time, your body will start to shed muscle (which you absolutely do not want). Your muscle is your metabolism. The more if it that you have, the more calories your body burns each day. 

Follow these steps to shed pounds:

Here is how all of your meals will break down over the course of the next 3 - 6 weeks. Every meal will consist of 3-6 oz of Protein. If you eat too much protein at any one sitting, your liver may actual convert the overage to sugar. Every meal will consist of 1 cup of vegetables. 2 meals per day will consist of a fruit. 

If you are not concerned with having the absolute Ultimate Health Diet and you're main concern is body fat only, studies have shown that almost every calorie restricted diet will result in about the same amount of fat loss. Low carb - low carb high fat - high carb low protein, it doesn't long as you are restricting calories, you will lose body fat. I have a few ideas that you may review. 


Here are some other options:

A) Eat whatever you want but track everything. When you get to 1400 - 1800 (depending on how rapid you want your body fat to fall off), stop eating for the day. 

B) Weight Watchers has an app that you can purchase for around $20 per month. Basically, everything you eat has a point value. You have a given point value for the day. Let's say 30 points is your daily goal. A piece of chicken might be 3 points but a snickers bar might be 8. A light beer may be 4 points and a heavy dark beer is 10. It doesn't matter as long as you don't go over 30 points in this example. 

C) Nutrisystem has a plan in which they will actually send you the food that you will eat each day for a month. The food is slightly more expensive than you would spend in a store but it's all done for you. You eat mac n cheese, ice cream, and pretty much anything in the American Diet but they have portioned out these things for you. All you have to do is look at the lineup for the week, pull the food out of the box, and eat it. 

The best weight loss plan is the one you can stick to for the longest time, ideally forever.........or at least 80% of the time forever! If you need more ideas and tweaks, let's talk. 

Step 4) EXERCISE - Lift heavy things once per week. Exerting this effort causes your body to change and adapt in a positive way. The change occurs during the week after lifting something heavy. Sprint from time to time. Sprinting causes your heart to adapt. Walk as much as you can. Reward your hard work with Play. Yes, we said play. Ride a bike, run, play with kids and grand kids, play tennis, basketball, etc. This is good for the body and the mind!

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