ARX Based Workouts

20 Minute Sessions

12 Month Commitment

Once a week: $119/mo

Twice a week: $179/mo

6 Month Commitment

Once a week: $129/mo

Twice a week: $199/mo

3 Month Commitment

Once a week: $139/mo

Twice a week: $219/mo

Non-ARX Based Workouts

30 or 60 Minute Sessions (3 Month Commitment)

30 Minute Sessions

Once a week: $135/mo

Twice a week: $255/mo

Three a week: $350/mo

60 Minute Sessions

Once a week: $185/mo

Twice a week: $355/mo

Three a week: $480/mo

What comes with a membership?

  • Individualized personal training with accountability and support

  • Body composition analysis and fitness assessment

  • Nutrition education

  • Small group cardio class

A La Carte

Body Composition Analysis and Fitness Assessment $35

One-off consultation with a written customized workout plan to take with $75

( Includes: Body Composition Analysis and Fitness Assessment)

Unlimited Cardio Class Pass $45

Non-membership Drop-in Cardio Class $5 Each

Health and Wellness Coaching and Personal Training Package starting at $179 for a 2 week Jump Start - Inquire for details

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything else that you can tell me about Quick Fit Indiana?

Joining Quick Fit is one of the best things a person can do for overall health. If you had to pick the thing that gives you the most bang for your time & money, this is it. 20 Minute evidence based workouts once or twice per week. Our trainers lead, coach and motivate you through every repetition. The facility is extremely private so you won't feel like you're putting on a show for everyone in the city. There are no awkward moves or exercises. The facility is extremely clean. The equipment is so unique, it can't be described. The ARX Machines literally get the most out of you no matter who you are. Everything done at Quick Fit is also extremely safe. The icing on the cake is that Quick Fit is very affordable. If you hire a very inexpensive trainer in Bloomington, IN - you are going to pay about $35 per session and have to go 2-3 times per week. On the low end, you are going to pay about $250 per month for one on one training. Quick Fit has a great program that does everything you need that starts at just $99 per month! Come in and Try For Free. There is no pressure to sign up. We want our members to want to be members of Quick Fit.

Is this type of exercise right for me?

Disability, disease and even death are things that can be managed around through proper nutrition and exercise (and more specifically, proper strength and resistance training). You do not have to already be in great shape to exercise at Quick Fit Indiana. Everything we do here is adaptive to the user. If you're an 80 year old grandmother, our equipment and programming adapts to you. If you're a 17 year old state champion power lifter, our equipment and programming adapts to you. If you're overweight, underweight, training for a marathon, rehabilitating a knee replacement, or if you're just looking to do what your body needs in the most efficient manner, give Quick Fit a try.

20 minutes, really?

We are targeting the 'minimum effective dose' of exercise that will cause your body to adapt and change. The scientific method of exercise we are prescribing, produces these results in a 20 minute session. Why would you do more than you need to in order to cause the desired change in your body, especially knowing that more is NOT better. Think of prescribed medicine. If the Doctor tells you to take 2 pills to get the desired result, you wouldn't take 6. If you did, you would actually end up doing more harm than good in most cases. Exercise works the same way. Too much is an overdose.

Why exercise just once or twice per week?

When you exercise using the best tool for the job (ARX), you are essentially breaking down your muscles and making them weaker while you are in the studio. The magic in your body happens when you leave. After causing the stress to the muscles during the workout, your body sends a signal to your muscles to adapt and change. Your muscles adapt by repairing themselves and becoming tighter and stronger. It has been shown in published study after study that this repair phase is 4 to 8 days for most people. Generally, the younger you are and the more testosterone you have, the repair phase is shorter. If you stress your muscles again before they are fully repaired, you then suffer diminishing or even voided returns from your previous workout. Since everything is Quantified at Quick Fit, we will always be assessing your body's ability to recover and we will assist you in making adjustments as needed. One High Intensity Strength Training Session is all that your muscles need. On top of the strength session each week, we do recommend that our clients walk at least 20 minutes a few times per week or come in and participate in our up beat High Intensity Cardio Sessions! This type of exercises is great for fat loss and overall heart health. It's also great for the mind and it helps you sleep better which heals your body in fantastic ways.

What is 'Smart Gym' or ARX?

ARX stands for Adaptive Resistance Exercise. ARX Fit is the company that manufactured the ARX Smart Gym equipment that is used at Quick Fit Indiana. The ARX equipment is adapting to the user every second of every repetition. The ARX is giving the user the EXACT amount of appropriate resistance every second of every repetition. The ARX is recording and quantifying every repetition for each user. No more wondering if you're improving each week. The ARX software will show you if you are progressing each week.

Is ARX safe?

With ARX, there are no weights to drop on yourself and you can stop at any time with zero risk. The speed of the motor is slow and controlled, giving you safe and adaptable resistance throughout your full range of motion. With gravity out of the equation, you are now free to work as hard as you would like in complete safety.

How does the Quick Fit - ARX workout compare to other exercise prescriptions?

There are 3 basic adaptations you want to happen with any exercise routine. ARX is the one system that does them all.

What does HIIT stand for?

High Intensity Interval Training is a form of interval training, a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods.

How many calories do you burn during HIIT?

Calories are obviously burned during high intensity interval training, however the reason for doing these kind of workouts is that you can continue to burn calories for up to 48 hours after the workout is over. This workout also keeps the metabolism up to fuel the caloric burn.

What is E.P.O.C.?

Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption is a measurably increased rate of oxygen intake following strenuous activity intended to erase the body's oxygen deficit. This helps your body continue to burn calories after the workout is over.

What are the membership options at Quick Fit Indiana?

Quick Fit Indiana offers a variety of ways for you to work out from purchasing a workout 1 at a time all the way through monthly membership options. More information and pricing is listed at the top of this page.

What is ARX?

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