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Team up with Quick Fit Indiana to inspire your team to be healthy. As healthcare costs grow, employers will need to explore ways to prevent illness and reduce health risks for their team. There is also the benefit of having a happier and healthy workforce. We're here to customize a wellness program that fits your company's goals and health care mission. 

Corporate Partners

Here are some of the employers in our community who have taken on the leadership to provide their staff and members an in depth, health and wellness program. 

Ken and his management team understand the importance of a 'healthy' work environment. As a local, fast paced law firm, The Ken Nunn Law Office needs to have a happy healthy team so that they can effectively help the public to the best of their abilities. 

If anyone understands how being healthy can have a positive impact on work life and overall happiness, it's David Hays and Comprehensive Financial Consultants. David was not a large man to begin with but a few years ago, he was still able to drop more than 20 pounds of body fat. Now you see the Comprehensive Team exercising, watching what they eat and the work production continues to be on the rise year after year. 

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