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Little Exercise is required to make a BIG change

By using a scientific, researched, and proven system, along with a higher intensity, we can effectively break down the muscles in a time efficient manner. 


Muscle tissue takes aprox. 4-7 days to fully repair itself. 

Why Quick Fit Indiana?


Most advanced equipment on the planet that adapts to the user. Most exercises take place without risk of plates, weights, momentum, gravity, body & joint stress, etc. which are the leading causes of injury in exercise. 


You will feel the difference after just 1 workout. Each workout, you can visualize the strength gains using the ARX Machines. Within a few short weeks, you will actually see the difference in your body.....and others will notice. 


You can create massive change inside your body in less than 1 hour per week using our system. A 20 Minute Workout at Quick Fit Indiana will be active in your system for more than 36 hours. We've taken out all of the fluff and we use science, biology, research, and the most advanced technology to bring you the most efficient workout on the planet. 


Quick Fit is private & clean. We've taken out the awkward movements and weird stares from across the room. Most exercises take place on the worlds most advance machinery. 


We are also a Personal Trainer. By having a motivator as your coach, you will reach your goals. Your Coach will cover everything with you in regards to reaching your goals and he/she will be there every step of the way encouraging and guiding you. 

Your results are measurable. ARX will measure your strength and Fit3D will measure your bodies progress. These cutting edge technologies leave little room for human error. 

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Pricing Options

Per Month
  • 4 Private Strength Sessions
  • Unlimited Cardio Sessions
  • Unlimited Fit3D Scans
  • Nutrition Guide & Accountability
  • & More
Per Month
  • 8 Private Strength Sessions
  • Unlimited Cardio Sessions
  • Unlimited Fit3D Scans
  • Nutrition Guide & Accountability
  • & More

OR you can purchase items alacart

Individual Session(s) - Non Member

Your 1 on 1 strength training session only takes 20 Minutes and honestly, you won't want to do any more at the end of that session. We use compound movements and primarily the ARX Machines to safely, effectively and efficiently break down your muscles during the session. Remember, these machines adapt to the user so it doesn't matter if your 17 or 70, you will get the best workout for you in the 20 Minute time span. 

$35.00 Each OR (Blocks of 10 for $30 each session)

Cardio Class - Non Member

The small group Quick Fit Indiana cardio classes are the best cardio classes in Bloomington, IN. Each class is only 20 minutes and you will leave wondering why you ever did cardio longer than 20 Minutes. For the most part, our cardio classes take place on the best cardio machines and equipment ever invented. We do everything possible to eliminate high joint impact and awkward cardio exercises while still delivering a high reward cardiovascular workout. 


FIT3D - Non Member

Fit3D scans are completely private. The trainer will leave the room so that you can complete your scan. The Fit3D will take approximately 45 seconds to complete. The scanner is taking 100's of laser imaging scans. The end result will be sent to your private portal. Your report will have your clay image, all of your measurement results, an accurate body fat percentage and the amount of lean muscle that exists in your body. On top of this, your Fit3D analysis will have a Body Shape Rating along with a Health Assessment Rating. Fit3D is one of the most advanced technologies that exist in measuring your body inside and out. 


Nutrition - Non Member

Nutrition guide will show you what and how much to eat for your goals. Accountability can be built into the guide as well for an additional fee. 


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